I realised that hardly anyone ever views this page, so I replaced it with something less ambitious. I don't expect I will update this page often - probably never based on previous experience! It only serves as a signpost to FurAffinity and the various social networks I use.

This webpage was handcrafted in MS Notepad, therefore I have no one to blame but myself for the quality of the code. The background image is by Garnett (FA link).

-Tryst, 05 Jul 2014.


Artist Notes

Tryst is an anthropomorphic domestic cat, just under six feet tall and dark-grey like a Russian Blue. His fur is without markings, his eyes are green and he has a small nick out of his left ear.

He always has one of his legs in a blue, full length fibreglass leg cast. This can be on his right, or left leg and is not related to an injury. The cast is slightly bent at the knee and leaves his toes exposed. It often has signatures and doodles on it (artists are free to 'sign' it when drawing him).

When clothed, he wears casual clothes like baggy jeans and a zip-up hoodie. His demeanour, like his attire, is laid back and easy going.

Reference Sheet

Reference sheet by Blithe Dragon.


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